Joseph L Wilmhoff, ARNP

Joe Wilmhoff is an ARNP whose practice is focused on the treatment of physical injury, dysfunction, and pain. 

Joe has been practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation in the Seattle area since 2007. In addition to standard treatment approaches, Joe also uses an integrative approach, involving mindfulness-based movement and awareness, employing techniques aimed at reducing stress and calming the nervous system. Joe utilizes various myofascial release techniques, including (IMS) intramuscular stimulation/dry needling, trigger point injection as well as various manual techniques for improving pain and dysfunction from structural issues.

Since receiving his ARNP license Joe has worked in the Seattle area at Seattle Spine and Sports Medicine, Virginia Mason Department of Surgery, and Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

I believe in treating every person as an individual, assessing individual needs in treating the whole person. Movement is critical to health and wellness, not only from the phsyical, but also the social and psychological aspects of our lives. My goal is to develop working relationships with my patients, to not only feel better with treatment, but to develop knowledge and skills to better self manage physical dysfunction and pain. 

-Joe Wilmhoff, ARNP

In his spare time he enjoys playing music, outdoor activities, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

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