Alita Shaw, M.A., CCC-SLP

Alita Shaw is a consulting Speech Language Pathologist.  She specializes in evaluation and treatment of cognitive and communication disorders related to traumatic brain injury, including those seen with Post-Concussive Syndrome.

Alita has worked as an Adult Neurogenic Speech Language Pathologist for over 20 years.  She holds a Master's degree in Communication Disorders and Speech Sciences, and undergraduate degrees in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Psychology.

Alita has extensive experience working with neurologically-based diagnoses.  She spent 13 years working in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings.  Over the past 10 years, Alita has also had the unique opportunity to work with a specialized neurorehabilitation program that provides intensive interdisciplinary treatment in patients’ homes, their community, and their work sites. During this time, Alita has worked intensely with a variety of patient types including active duty soldiers, brain cancer patients, young stroke victims, and those who are fully dependent due to severe acquired brain injury.  Alita also gained specialized skills working with higher level, more subtle cognitive impairments that can greatly affect a person’s life roles and the ability to work. Through her experience working with patients outside of the clinic setting, Alita has acquired unique insight into the way deficits manifest in everyday life and how they can realistically be addressed. 

Alita believes in evidenced based practice, but also recognizes that each patient is unique.  She feels strongly that customizing treatment to each individual yields the best result.  Alita takes time to get to know her patients and tailors treatment to their personality, culture, learning style, and life circumstances.  She is also deeply aware of the misperceptions that those with mild brain injury often face and how this may affect them. 

When she is not working, Alita enjoys spending time with family and friends, being physically active, and traveling.  She also enjoys playing the piano and staying educated about nutrition and general health.

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